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Project title: Cross Border Marine Natura 2000 Mapping, Monitoring and Management – 4M project

HR Applicant's name: Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce

Partner 1: Public Institution for the Management of Protected Natural Values in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County

The amount of EU grant for HR beneficiaries: 155.497,10 €

MNE Applicant's name: NGO Green Home

Partner 1: Environmental Protection Agency

The amount of EU grant for MNE beneficiaries: 127.768,29 €

Total project value: 333.253,39 €

Project website: http://zastitamora.net/


Underwater cleaning action

NGO Green Home in cooperation with NGO Porat from Budva and Public Enterprice of Coastal Zone had conducted an underwater cleaning action. The action consisted of two parts. The first part was related to cleaning the citi's pool and the second one was the cleaning of the whole Porat. The action was supported by colleagues from the NGO Sunce from Split, who together with other divers removed the waste. Also, on the eve of Earth Day 21.04.2017.. We participated in numerous environmental activities such as clean-up actions Orahovac, informing participants with the ways of composting and many other all in cooperation with LLC" Skoljke Boke" LLC ”Boka Gard” Security, JU High school- Kotor, Primary school "Savo Ilic", Primary school "Njegos", Institut for marine biology -Kotor, AD "Expo", AD"Napredak".

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Establishing management measures for potential Natura 2000 site

NGO Green Home in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency started the process of establishing management measures for potential Natura 2000 site, which includes the area from Cape Arza to Cape Platamuni. Through a series of consultative meetings and workshops with all stakeholders, we want to create a document that will be the basis of Management Plans of Future Marine Protected Areas.
At the very beginning of consultative process, we organized the meeting with the Construction and Development Agency of Herceg Novi, which is currently working on the development of the Spatial Plan of the municipality. On that occasion we drew attention to the significant biodiversity areas that will be treated by this plan and provided guidelines for solving current issues of the marine ecosystem. Also, the cooperation with the Coastal Zone Management, the Institute of Marine Biology, the Port Authority, the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs and local governments has been established. In the following period we will conduct three workshops that aim to identify anthropogenic pressures on marine habitats, which will be the basis for defining the measures necessary to implement in order to protect the marine ecosystem.
In the past, NGO Green Home organized a field research with a group of volunteer biologists, who collected data on marine species and habitats. The team of volunteer divers was led by Vesna Mačić, the expert from the Institute of Marine Biology. Database and the report on the state of the marine ecosystem, the result of the field research, are the basis for the consultative process that we have started. In the spring, we will organize more field researches in order to perform seagrass monitoring (Posidonia oceanica). Seagrass meadows are one of the most important Natura 2000 sites and the plan of this project is to deliver all collected information about its distribution and health to the relevant institutions.
Montenegro still does not have protected marine area, but the Government of Montenegro will be required to define them in the near future, as well as Natura 2000 sites, in accordance with the commitments undertaken in the accession process to the EU. In this regard, we think that the outcome of the project will significantly facilitate future activities of the institutions towards the establishment of protected areas.
Activities are implemented within the cross-border project "Mapping, monitoring and management of the cross-border Natura 2000 network on the sea – 4M’’ in the cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency, NGO Sunce from Split and the Public Institution for the Management of Protected Natural Values in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Given that Croatia is already an EU member and that the Natura 2000 network has already been designated, experiences of the colleagues from Croatia will significantly contribute to the quality of implemented activities.
The project is financed within the Cross-Border Programme Croatia-Montenegro in the framework of the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA).

ABC training was held in Konavle region

ABC training was held in a period from 18 to 20 October in Hotel Konavle (Čilipi), with the aim of transferring knowledge and skills of management planning of the protected areas. The training is part of the project 4M aimed at encouraging cooperation in the cross border region.
Through lectures and group work, the participants worked on the following topics: nature protection system in the Republic of Croatia and Montenegro, protected areas in the cross-border region, identification of values and risks, suggestions  for objectives and activities of the management plan, methods of stakeholder engagement as well as communication and facilitation.
During three days the training attended and participated representatives of several departmental and local institutions from the Croatia and Montenegro.
4M ABC training

New project website was designed

New website was designed and developed within the 4M project. All project information will be regullary updated on it. The website can found here.

GIS training was held

The five-day GIS training (Geographic Information System) was held in Tivat from 18 to 22 July 2016, for 10 participants.
During the training the lecturer Martina Baučić presented to participants the basics of GIS, its implementation, methods of processing and data entry, as well as ways to input and display of collected information.
Mastered skills will be used already after diving on the fields, to enter and display collected information.

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