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Training on Call for proposals

Montenegrin employees in the Joint Technical Secretariat in Kotor and in Prijepolje (for the CBC Programme Montenegro-Srbija), and antennas in Podgorica (for the CBC Programme Montenegro-Albania), Niksić (for the CBC Programme Montenegro-Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Bijelo Polje  (for the CBC Programme Montenegro-Srbija) received a training on CBC programme Call for proposals. The training was organized by the Cross Border Institution Building project in Kotor, on September 8-11, 2008.

The training was also followed by the representatives of JTSs in Shkodra, Albania (for the CBC Programme Montenegro-Albania) and in Prijepolje, Srbija (for the CBC Programme Montenegro-Srbija) and Antennas in Elbasan, Albania (for the CBC Programme Macedonia-Albania),  Sremska Mitrovica, Srbija (for the CBC Programme Srbija-Croatia) and Užice, Srbija (for the CBC Programme Srbija-Bosnia and Herzegovina). Also, representatives of the Operational structures from Montenegro and Macedonia participated at the training. The participants received in-depth knowledge how to announce, implement and evaluate the CBC Call for proposals process.

PROJECTS of the 3rd Call for Proposals

PROJECTS of the 2nd Call for Proposals

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