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Five projects proposals selected for financing from EU funds within the 3rd CfP were presented at Grand Award Ceremony in Podgorica

Five project proposals selected for financing within the 3rd Call for Proposals (CfP) under the IPA Cross-border Programme Croatia-Montenegro 2007-2013 were presented at Grand Award Ceremony which was held in Podgorica on 13 October 2015. National IPA coordinator, Ambassador Mr. Aleksandar Andrija Pejović emphasized that cross-border cooperation between Montenegro and Croatia visibly contributes to the improvement of the quality of life on both sides of the border.

"Projects financed within this Programme have used for the improvement of bilateral cooperation between two countries, upgrading the tourist offer, valorisation of cultural heritage and preservation of the environment. So far, within two Calls for Proposals, Montenegro and Croatia have successfully implemented 12 projects (5 from 1st CfP and 7 from 2nd CfP) whose value equals 2,3 million euros. Successful collaboration with Croatia is continued through the implementation of projects selected for financing within the 3rd CfP", stated Ambassador Pejović.

Five projects were selected within Third Call for Proposals with a total value of 1.6 million euros, while in Montenegro is contracted 780.000,00 euros of EU grant.

The projects are divided in three measures. Within Measure 1.1: Joint actions for environment, nature and cultural heritage protection following three projects were selected:

• “Cross border joint research and awareness raising action in detecting environmental conditions. Establishing higher safety and protection measures of Maritime domain parts (emphasise on coast) of Croatia and Montenegro – CoRE”

• “Cross Border Marine Natura 2000 Mapping, Monitoring and Management – 4M project”

• “Towards sustainable use of water resources”.

Within Measure 1.2: Joint tourism and cultural space, project “Bird-watching and Eco Tourism in South Adriatic (BETSA)” was selected.

Within Measure 1.3: Small cross-border community development projects, project “Sport for Children and Youth: Fostering Development and Strengthening Cooperation in Cross Border Area - OH2O-POLO’’ was selected.

Cooperation with Croatia is continued within IPA II and new trilateral Programme Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Montenegro.


PROJECTS of the 3rd Call for Proposals

PROJECTS of the 2nd Call for Proposals

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