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Two-day Implementation workshop for grant beneficiaries under the 3rd CfP was held in Tivat

The two-day Implementation  workshop for grant beneficiries under the 3rd Call for Proposals within IPA Cross-border Programme Croatia-Montenegro 2007-2013 held on 2 and 3 November 2015 in Tivat

The seminar was attended by three representatives of beneficiries from Montenegro for each of the five selected projects.

The representatives of the Contracting Authority - Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, Program Manager Donata von Sigsfeld and Procurement Manager  Claire Bourgade, with the support of the Joint Technical Secretariat officers Dragan Đurišić, Sanja Todorović, Kristina Brbora and Perica Pušić, presented to beneficiaries themes as project management, reporting and requests for payment, contract amendments, secondary procurement, documentation costs and VAT exemption, documenting  costs,  monitoring and communication and visibility.

Also, participants engaged in practical exercises for minor modifications of the Contract (reallocation) and drafting of the procurement plan for each project.

The projects were classified under three measures. Within Measure 1.1: Joint actions for environment, nature and cultural heritage protection following three projects were selected:

• “Cross border joint research and awareness raising action in detecting environmental conditions. Establishing higher safety and protection measures of Maritime domain parts (emphasise on coast) of Croatia and Montenegro – CoRE”

• “Cross Border Marine Natura 2000 Mapping, Monitoring and Management – 4M project”

• “Towards sustainable use of water resources”.

Within Measure 1.2: Joint tourism and cultural space, the project “Bird-watching and Eco Tourism in South Adriatic (BETSA)” was selected.

Within Measure 1.3: Small cross-border community development projects, project “Sport for Children and Youth: Fostering Development and Strengthening Cooperation in Cross Border Area - OH2O-POLO’’ was selected.

The total amounts of these projects in Croatia and Montenegro is 1,629,839.66 euros, of which 1,342,295.79 euros are EU grants, and the rest is self-financing. The total amount of these projects in Montenegro is  939,067.39 euros of which 778,455.24 euros  is EU grant.

Otherwise, the equivalent workshop was held on 14 October in Dubrovnik for cross-border partners from Croatia.


PROJECTS of the 3rd Call for Proposals

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