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Programme conference was held in Podgorica

Results accomplished within the IPA Cross-Border Programme Croatia - Montenegro 2007-2013 were presented on the Programme conference held at Hotel Ramada in Podgorica on 11 January 2016.

The Programme started in 2008 and through three Calls for Proposals (CfP) 17 projects have been contracted so far, with the total value of 6.5 million euros. Out of these 17 projects, 12 projects implemented under 1st and 2nd CfP were successfully finished while 5 projects of the 3rd CfP are currently being implemented. Last projects of 3rd CfP will be finished in December 2017. Also, 6th project of 3rd CfP is in the contracting phase, whose value is approximately 300.000,00 euros.

In total 80 project partners participared in the abovementioned projects, of which one third are public institutions / companies, smaller percentage relates to NGOs, followed by municipalities and counties, educational institutions, business associations, development agencies, international organizations and sports clubs.

Projects have been prepared on the principle of cross-border partnership between institutions and organizations from Montenegro and Croatia while they are distributed in three priority measures: Measure 1.1. Joint actions for environment, nature and cultural heritage protection, Measure 1.2. Joint tourism and cultural space and Measure 1.3. Small cross-border community development projects.

During last seven years Operating structures, Contracting Authorities and Joint Technical Secretariat organized 78 different trainings, meetings and conferences with the purpose of promoting the Programme, educating and providing support for potential applicants and beneficiaries of selected projects. These events were attended by around 2200 participants from Montenegro and Croatia.

- IPA Cross-Border Programme Croatia - Montenegro 2007-2013 has improved the quality of life in the cross-border region of Croatia and Montenegro through the implementation of projects under the Programme priority of creating the favorable environmental and socio-economic conditions, improving co-operation in the jointly selected sectors and neighbor relations in the eligible areas - stated the National IPA Coordinator, Ambassador Aleksandar Andrija Pejović.

The representatives of the projects’ beneficiaries presented projects’ details, achieved results and benefits through three panel discussions divided by the measures.





PROJECTS of the 3rd Call for Proposals

PROJECTS of the 2nd Call for Proposals

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