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Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS)

The Operating Structures (OS) agreed to establish a Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) to assist the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) and the Operating Structures in carrying out their respective duties. The JTS is therefore the administrative body of the programme dealing with its day-to-day management and acts as a first contact point for potential applicants. This means that potential applicants can address to JTS any question related to the programme (with certain exceptions while Call for proposals is open).

The Joint Technical Secretariat head office is based in Kotor, Montenegro, and JTS Antenna is based in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Having in mind institutional capacities of the Ministry for regional development, forestry and water management (MRDFWM) in terms of CBC management, OS in Zagreb will help the JTS staff in gaining specific knowledge and skills necessary for successful administration and implementation of the Programme, if such help will be needed. It will be done occasionally through on the job trainings and similar activities in MRDFWM premises in Zagreb. Ministry for European integration (MEI), OS in Podgorica will also occasionally organize seminars and trainings for JTS staff to ensure successful implementation of the Programme.

It is composed of the representatives nominated by both Operating Structures.

The Joint Technical Secretariat performs its activities under the supervision of Operating Structures in both countries.

The costs of the Joint Technical Secretariat and its antenna are co-financed under the programme's Technical Assistance budget, provided that they relate to tasks eligible for co-financing, which are defined in the relevant EU regulations governing the Instrument for Pre-Accession assistance (IPA).

Joint Technical Secretariat is financed through two separate grant contracts directly awarded by the Contracting Authorities (MRDFWM and Agency for regional development (after accreditation) in Croatia, and EU Delegation to Montenegro to the respective Operating Structures.

Part of the JTS staff contracted in Croatia should be located in the JTS premises in Kotor and part in the antenna in Dubrovnik

All Montenegrin representatives are located in the JTS premises in Kotor.

Tasks to be performed by the Joint Technical Secretariat:
The JTS shall

  • support the Operating Structures in the programme implementation;
  • perform secretariat function for the Operating Structures and the Joint Monitoring Committee, including the preparation and mailing of documentation for meetings and the meeting minutes (in two or more languages if required);
  • set up, regular maintenance and updating of the monitoring system (data input at programme and project level, on site visits);
  • assist the OS and the JMC in drawing up all the monitoring reports on the programme implementation;
  • prepare and make available all documents necessary for project implementation (general information at programme level, general information at project level, guidelines, criteria, application for collecting project ideas, application pack -guidelines, criteria for project selection, eligibility, reporting forms, contracts);
  • act as a first contact point for potential applicants;
  • run info-campaigns, trainings, help-lines and web-based Q&A in order to support potential applicants in the preparation of project applications;
  • organise selection and evaluation of project proposals and check whether all information for making a decision on project proposals are available;
  • provide a secretary of the Steering Committee and organise and administrate its work;
  • make sure that all the relevant documentation necessary for contracting is available to the contracting authorities on time;
  • assists the Implementing Agency in the process of „Budgetary Clearing" prior to contract signature;
  • support final beneficiaries in project implementation, including the advice on secondary procurement procedures;
  • organise bilateral events including "partner-search" forums;
  • develop and maintain a network of stakeholders;
  • create and update a database of potential applicants and participants in workshops and other events;
  • carry out joint information and publicity activities under the guidance of the Operating Structures, including setting up and maintaining an official programme website;
  • plan its activities according to a work plan annually approved by the JMC;

Tasks of the JTS Antenna:

  • information and publicity work and general advice to potential applicants;
  • info-campaigns, trainings, help-lined and a web-based Q&A in order to support potential applicants in the preparation of project applications;
  • cooperate in the evaluation of project proposals;
  • assistance to the project partners in project implementation;
  • support to the Operating Structure in Croatia in programme implementation;
  • collects monitoring data (progress reports) from the Functional Lead Applicants located in Croatian eligible area.

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