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Specific objectives and priorities

Priority Axis 1
Creation of favorable environmental and socio-economic conditions in the programming area by improvement of the co-operation in the jointly selected sectors and good neighborly relations in the eligible areas

Priority 2:
Technical Assistance (Establishment of Joint Technical Secretariat for the Programme)

Specific objectives of Priority 1 are:

1.    To establish cooperation between institutions in charge of environment protection, as well as natural and cultural heritage protection through implementation of joint programs, education, know-how transfer and awareness raising activities;

2.    To create recognizable tourist products based on the natural and cultural assets of the Programming area and re-establish social connections in cross-border area through supporting traditional and contemporary culture;

3.    To increase and enhance cooperation between institutions, citizens and civic organizations in the areas such are tourism, education, culture and other that are in line with Programme objective, in order to boost community development and improve neighbourhood relations;



PROJECTS of the 3rd Call for Proposals

PROJECTS of the 2nd Call for Proposals

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