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Development of ICT for outdoor destination" (DIOD)

Project Title: "Development of ICT for outdoor destination" (DIOD)

The HR Applicant: CMRS - Croatian Mountain Rescue Service
Partner 1: Croatian Chamber of Economy - County Chamber Dubrovnik
The amount of EU grant: 188,465.02 €

Name of applicant CG: UNDP - United Nations Development - Office Montenegro
Partner 1: GSSCG - Mountain Rescue Service of Montenegro
Partner 2: NTO - National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro
The amount of EU grant: 231,380.48 €

Total value of the project: 4198,54.50 €


The project Development of ICT for Outdoor Destinations (DIOD) was implemented in cooperation of Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (CMRS) as the lead partner, UNDP Country Office as main partner in Montenegro; and Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro and the Mountain Rescue Service of Montenegro. The total value of the project implemented under the IPA Cross-Border Programme Croatia - Montenegro 2007-2013 for both countries was 498,957.16 EUR. EU Grant approved for the project was 419,845.5 EUR.

Activities of the project, which lasted 24 months (February 2013-February 2015) were focused on the border area of ​​the Republic of Croatia and Montenegro. The overall objective of the project was to improve the economic development of border areas through sustainable joint initiatives, especially in the field of outdoor tourism. Specific objectives of the project were met by creating and promoting tourism products using innovative ICT technologies, as well as by improving the quality of offer of cross-border tourist destination. Through the project, successful cross-border tourism products were created, primarily by forming clusters for active tourism, which involve entrepreneurs from Croatia and from Montenegro. Cooperation of related clusters resulted in development of eight new tourism products, which have been promoted jointly at specialized workshops in Paris and Stockholm.

In accordance with the new trends in tourism, the project introduced innovation in the creation and promotion of tourism products by using of ICT technology. Namely, fully functional geoportal was developed, as well as two mobile applications that provide easier access to information and improve communication with end users.

As there is a need for improving the capacity through training for guides for nature-based tourism, and especially for members of the Mountain Rescue Service, the project also carried out procurement of rescue equipment. The rescue trainings were held: rescue and first aid in outpatient conditions (International Trauma Life Support-ITLS), Geographic Information System (GIS), rescuing from white waters (WWR), as well as training for guides for active tourism (sea kayak).

The realization of these project activities through joint planning and business cooperation in the field of active tourism, expand the knowledge, strengthened the infrastructure and technical capacity of tourist destinations and created a starting point that will allow more efficient cooperation of stakeholders involved in the development of the tourist offer, as well as further improvement of tourism in this area.

By signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between two clusters of active tourism, the preconditions for the continuation of the successful cooperation of the private sector after the completion of the project were set. It is expected that through joint products' development, promotion and improvement of resource, clusters will continuously working on the sustainable development of tourist destinations and contribute to the economic development of border areas. This approach can serve as a success story and positive example of how entrepreneurial networking straighten competitiveness of local economies.

Also, the principles of maintaining innovative platforms for promotion-geo and mobile applications are agreed, including the maintenance and updating of databases and further promotion by the partner organizations.



French tour operators, specialists in adventure tourism participated in the five-day study trip to Dubrovnik-Neretva County and the Montenegrin coast, from 25th to 30th of November 2014.
During the tour of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County hosts for touroperators were travel agencies members of the Cluster of adventure tourism, which operates as an association under the name of Dubrovnik Outdoor.


On the welcome evening, Nikolina Trojić, in front of the CCC, the County of Dubrovnik - Neretva welcomed, and in front of the entire project team DIOD presented the entire project, with a focus on entertainment-related opportunities for tourism development.

After tasting awarded wines in the Winery Vinifera, accompanied by members of the cluster, the French guests visited the vineyards of Peljesac walking trough the old Napoleon road, and then climbed on the Walls of Ston.

After active Peljesac tour they were attended a demonstration of the traditional way of olive oil production in the family farm Dubelj in Dubrovacko primorje.

The next day, after visit to family house Novakovic group visited adrenalin park Cadmos Village, descended a zipline and balancing on 6 meters high to the tree house, revealing pinroller which otherwise uses as also for traing of pilots and astronauts.

Accompanied by instructor cycling continued to tour through Konavle field, which is for a while discontinued in OPG Vodopić, where they tasted wines.

The group also visited the system mills of Đivanović house, adrenaline park St. Ana in Poljice, Kojan Koral and ethnographic collection Konavle at family Bokarica.

Due to weather conditions, activities at sea to French touroperators: Atalante, Gallia Voyages, La Balaguer, UCPA Vacances, was presented through a power point presentation and through a personal encounter with suppliers kayaking and diving activities.

For contribution to realization of the study tour the members of the Cluster, thanks to the: Dubrovnik Tourist Board, the Tourist Board of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Tourist Board of Ston and Agrotourism Konavle.


Partners in the project "Development of innovative technologies in adventure tourism" (DIOD) met on the fifth coordination meeting in Dubrovnik, 24th June 2014. Representatives of CMRS, UNDP Montenegro, NTO Montenegro, GSSCG and CCE attended meeting. Projects partners commented dynamic action plan and agreed with the changes occured during the implementation of the project. They are preparing documentation for arranging 50 kilometers trail on both sides of the project area. Two clusters established and registrated (one in Croatia and one in Montenegro) and that is one of the direct project benefit for the travel agencies. Therefore, partners discussed about second departure to the workshop in some destinations of the EU in order to promote joint tourism products of these agencies.

Also, partners made ​​reference to the establishment of a geo-portal and mobile application development, and they coordinated the promotion and other topics related to the development of ICT technologies. Within the project have been maintaining courses which help to enhance the safety of tourists who have been visiting  these areas. One of these courses is the Water Rescue Course. The sixth coordination meeting is going to held in Septembar 2014. and the date is going to announce internally among partners.


One of the activities of the project  DIOD is the design and set up the Geoportal which going to show thematic trails (hiking and biking) in the area of Montenegro's coast and Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Two GIS trainings was held in Split (five-day GIS trainings: 24th-29th March and 5th-10th May). The trainings attended participants from Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, Herzegovina mountain rescue, mountaineering associations and tourism organizations from Croatia and Montenegro.

Participants informed with the structure and functionality of geoportal during the first part of the training and in the second part  they worked with GIS tools, raster and vector editing, transformations, re-projecting and analyzing the data. Practical work carried on the QGIS platform and participants edited, analyzed and uploaded data on geoportal.




In the premises of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Paris, specialized workshop was organized on 4 February 2014. The workshop was attended by representatives of French tour operators and representatives of travel agencies from Montenegro and Croatia in field of outdoor tourism. Mrs. Marina Thomas Billet, director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Office in Paris welcomed the participants.
Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia, Dr. Ivo Goldstein and Ambassador of Montenegro Mrs. Irena Radović pointed out that the good neighbor relations between two countries contributed to the fostered development of tourism products and their promotion in France. General and specific objectives of the project, as well as the main results of DIOD project were presented by Mr. Emil Kukalj, Manager of National Tourism Organization of Montenegro. Mr. Kukalj pointed out that one of the main goals of the project is to improve economic networking in tourism industry in the border region between Montenegro and Croatia, as well as the improvement of conditions for the development of joint tourism products in field of outdoor tourism. Tourism offer of the region where the project is implementing was presented to the French tour operators through direct contacts with representatives of the Dubrovnik-neretva county and Montenegrin coastal region.



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