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Project Title: „Heritage – Driver of Development”

Project Title: Heritage - Driver of Development" 

The HR Applicant: Physical Planning Institute of Dubrovnik-Neretva County
Partner 1: Regional Development Agency, DUNEA, Croatia;
Partner 2:
Public Institution for the Management of Protected Natural Values in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Croatia
The amount of EU grant: 219.499,82 €

Name of applicant CG: Municipality of Tivat
Partner 1: Expeditio, Montenegro;
Partner 2: NAPREDAK Gornja Lastva, Montenegro;
The amount of EU grant: 248.945,05 €

Total value of the project: 468.444,87 €

PROJECT WEB SITE: http://www.bastina.eu/


By organizing a Presentation of the activities in the pilot area of Vrmac, in Tivat, on 5 February 2015 and a Final project conference, in Dubrovnik, on 6 February 2015, the partners of "Heritage-Driver of Development" project marked officially the end of this IPA cross-border project realized within the programme of cross-border cooperation between Montenegro and Croatia and supported by the EU Delegation with a total of 550 000 EUR.

The main aim of the project was to contribute to establishing cooperation between institutions in charge of natural and cultural heritage protection through implementing joint programs, education, know-how transfer, as well as to raise public awareness of the value and potentials of heritage in the cross-border area of Boka Kotorska and Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

Implementing six groups of activities, the project partners and associates have acquired invaluable knowledge and experience, producing as the final result for the project pilot area in Boka Kotorska, the Vrmac Peninsula, four expert studies, which include: the Study of Natural Values of Vrmac, the Study of Cultural Heritage, the Study of Cultural Landscape and the Study of Economic Valorization of Vrmac, the last one using the results of the all the others and confirming the premise from which the project has started, i.e. that the heritage of Vrmac could form a basis for the sustainable economic development of the whole area, which is administratively governed by the Municipality of Tivat and the Municipality of Kotor.

Cooperating with the partner organizations that have considerable experience in heritage filed, Cultural-Heritage Association Gornja Lastva and Expeditio - Centre for Sustainable Spatial Development from Kotor, the Municipality of Tivat, which was a project lead partner, has obtained valuable studies that form a necessary basis for furthering activities towards protecting Vrmac as a Nature Park, as this has already been included in the Strategic development plan of the Municipality of Tivat. The Mayor of Tivat, Mr. Ivan Novosel, expressed his satisfaction at the project result, pointing out that they are of great relevance not only for the Municipality of Tivat but also for the Municipality of Kotor and the City of Dubrovnik.

"Benefits of this 23-months long project are already visible and I hope that the true purpose of the achieved results is still to be manifested. Namely, based on the studies resulting from the project "Heritage-Driver of Development", the issue of Vrmac will be addressed in cooperation with the Municipality of Kotor, in terms of proclaiming Vrmac a protected area and ensuring that in the Coastal Zone Management Plan, currently being drawn up, the area of Vrmac is treated as protected natural and cultural heritage. The studies developed for Vrmac give conclusions that have been expected - i.e. that this area deserves to be valorized in an adequate way, not only in terms of its natural and cultural heritage protection but also of its economic valorization. It is our intention to protect and improve this area and make it accessible to our citizens and all those who visit Tivat either as tourists or our guests" - concluded the Mayor.

One of the experts taking part in developing the Study of Economic Valorization of Vrmac was Montenegrin Prince Nikola Petrović Njegoš. Unable to attend the presentation in Tivat he address the audience though a letter that can be read here Letter of Prince Nikola Petrović Njegoš.

That, according to organization of partners and associates' work and its final results, this project can be regarded a positive example in a wider European context, is the conclusion of international experts who spoke at the Final project conference, held in Dubrovnik, on 6 February 2015. They included Dr. Sc. Biserka Dumbović, leader of the team developing the Study of Cultural Landscape of Vrmac; Ms. Katri Lisitzin, a member of ICOMOS - International Council on Monuments and sites and an UNESCO exert, Mr. Aleš Mlakar from Ljubljana, an expert on cultural landscape, and Dr. Sc. Gojko Berlengi, who worked as a team on developing the study on "Identification and valorization of the natural and cultural landscape of Dubrovnik"; and Mr. Marko Peterlin, from IPOP - Institute for spatial policies from Slovenia. As the final project result, Mr. Peterlin and his colleagues developed a "Manual on Protection, Planning and Management of Heritage", which summarizes all the project achievements and proposes recommendations for improving activity in heritage protection field.

The Final conference in Dubrovnik was officially opened by Ms. Marija Vučković, deputy mayor of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. In addition to presenting the overall project activities and developed studies, the conference was an opportunity to show two videos created within the project, one prepared by Montenegrin partners, promoting the campaign "Landscape Days" conducted during 2014 and one prepared by partners from Croatia, promoting the project in general. The conference also showed a multimedia presentation of the brochure and map entitled "Krajodrazi", produced as joint educational and promotional material of the cross-border area of Dubrovnik-Neretva County and Boka Kotorska.

The project, managed in Croatia by the Physical Planning Institute of Dubrovnik-Neretva County and implemented in cooperation with DUNEA - Dubrovnik Neretva County Regional Development Agency and the Public Institution for the Management of Protected Natural Values in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, officially was finished on 10 February 2015. (Antonela Stjepčević, project PR)



The event entitled „Heritage in pot", organized in the cultural centre "Ilija Marković" in Gornja Lastva, closed the campaign „Landscape Days", one of the activities within IPA project "Heritage driver of development", suported by EU through the cross-border programme for Montenegro and Croatia.

As with other events in the campaign,"Heritage in pot" was facing the general public, with the intent to use experiences in the landscape of Vrmac in order to draw attention to its exceptional values and potentials. On this occasion, with the help of famous Boka culinary connoisseur Maso Čekić and activists of the popular "Žućenica Fest", we are reminded of the rich culinary heritage of the Bay of Kotor and Vrmac peninsula. On the rich table, they presented dishes prepared from wild plants of our region, as well as of vegetable crops that were once grown at Vrmac. The chefs prepared some almost forgotten dishes, as well as delicacies of the ingredients that were used to feed people of this area. Today, with a little imagination, our culinary culture can be presented even the most demanding guests.

The menu "Seven Days in Vrmac villages", as Čekić called it, is designed as a reminder of the old times and culinary arts of our ancestors. About 50 visitors, both Bokelian and guests, enjoyed the salted fish, ham and cheese with herbs picked at Vrmac, cabbage with bacon, pasta fažola (beans with pasta), pasta with tomatoes, chickpea pottage, asparagus and žučenica dishes, dried octopus, and different kinds of bread. Special attention Čekić turned on rye bread with caraway, which is not being prepared for more than 50 years in Boka Kotorska.

In sweet corner you could find citruses, kake and dried fruits, confectionery surrounded by sweets of our grandmums- pinca, marble cake, dough fritters. Coffee was replaced by beverage of chicory or žučenica, of which has been prepared also tea.

Colorful table, smiling faces of satisfied visitors, chatting about recipes, it strengthened  all of us in the faith that we have achieved our goal again, saying we do not need to invent anything new, only to turn to the past and find her way to the present time, especially when we are talking about the development of tourism of special interests, such as the gastronomic tourism.

Also interesting is the play on words in this case. Today we call bastina entire heritage of an area, the natural and cultural, and it includes the cultural landscape, as witnesses to the activity of people in an area over time. At the Bay of Kotor dialect, bastina is a garden in need of constant care and effort to bear fruits. (Antonela Stjepčević, project PR)



Unusual place and the time of the concert of classical music once again turned to be stimulus and not an obstacle to the numerous visitors to come to the area of Vrmac and, joining the performers, to turn it into a fantastic stage under the open sky.

Concert in the autumn afternoon at the top of St. Vid, named "Music at the top of the hill", attracted an audience of over 80 people. Also this concert, the latest in a series of concerts within the campaign "Landscape Days", has proved that the space Vrmac has the potential, as an outstanding cultural landscape, to be used for cultural purposes.

Through the campaign „Landscape days", part of the project"Heritage- driver of development", by organizing different events, offering the experience of space Vrmac through colors, sounds, smells, tastes, the main goal is to bring as many citizens and visitors into the space of the peninsula to show the ways how this unique landscape could be valorized without tarnishing its natural and cultural heritage and landscape, as a comprehensive category of human activity in space over time. By organizing a concert at Mount Vrmac top (Sv. Vid) the partners of the project are joining the European Land Stewardship Week, which is taking place throughout Europe from the 26th of September to the 5th of October 2014.

The Second European Land Stewardship Week is a campaign aimed at promoting events throughout Europe to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of the Earth and its wealth of natural and cultural resources. Land Stewardship is a set of strategies and tools that aim to involve land owners and users in the conservation and proper use of its natural resources and cultural landscape.

The church of St. Vid dates from the 9th century, and it is located in one of the furthest peaks on Tivat side of Vrmac, whose terraces offers a fantastic view of Tivat Bay, Luštica Peninsula and the slopes of the Vrmac itself. Concert in the late afternoon, flute- Bruna Matijevic, violin- Nevila Klakor, harmonics- Goran Sevaljevic, works by Mozart, Piazzolla, Debussy, the sunset that warms and the wind of god Aeolus, who, as per orders, quelled the north wind bura, made the atmosphere was complete . As usual, faithful friends from Squirrels have adjusted their Sunday walking tour on Vrmac to finish by arriving at the "Music at the top of the hill" and shared autumn afternoon with those who came to St. Vid in their own arrangement or got organized transport from Tivat.

And they all wondered what is to come. Under the "Landscape Days" there is one more event planned for this fall - gastronomic event in Gornja Lastva (Antonela Stjepčević, MNE PR of the project).



Within the program titled "Art in the end of the day," the audience in Upper Lastva had the opportunity to experience the space of Vrmac in two different ways- as the artistic inspiration as well as the great stage under the open sky.

Over 100 visitors were able to see the academic painter Marina Knezevic exibition "Day three" and recently opened photo exhibition by Anton Gula Markovic "Landscapes of Boka- Bird's eye view". In the musical part of the program performed a string orchestra MNE Muse from Podgorica with the appearance of two soloists, flutist Bruna Matijevic and Nadica Ristic on oboa.

The program is part of the campaign "Days of landscapes," which, under crossborder IPA project "Heritage- driver of development" , aims to bring as more visitors into the space of Vrmac and point to the possibility of economic evaluation of its potential while preserving its  natural and cultural heritage.

The main motive of the exibition „Day three" is Vrmac peninsula, which the artist brings in her own way, in vibrant colors and monumental structures. "It was the geography of Vrmac what fascinates me. The exhibition was called "Third Day" because I analyzed the bare space, without settlements and people"- explained Marina Knežević, thankfull to the organizers for the invitation to present her work in Gornja Lastva.

The MNE Muse stage in Gornja Lastva was the space between the church and the wall that surrounds. Surprised and impressed by the acoustics of the space, and the whole organization and the great audience, the founder of the orchestra, Ms. Tomoko Sagawa, a member of the German diplomatic core in Montenegro, said: "I come from Japan, where the natural setting is often used to organize concerts in the open air. Montenegro is beautiful, but I am sorry that I have noticed that people here are mostly not aware of the beauty and possibilities of its use for such purposes. "

The Montenegrin partners of the project- Municipality of Tivat, NGO Progress Gornja Lastva and NGO Expeditio, are more than satisfied with another successful program in the campaign "Landscape days". "There were a lot of foreigners and domestic visitors. Some of them knew where they were coming and part of them is certainly attracted the expected environment, while many of the visitors came to Gornja Lastva for the first time, just attracted to our program "- was happy with the turnout and the audience reactions Aleksandra Kapetanovi from Expeditio.

The campaign "Landscape Days" will continue in the fall, when in Gornja Lastva will be organized culinary event. Presenting the tastes that Vrmac is hiding, we will point to another aspect of its capabilities, when sustainable development is concerned. (Antonela Stjepčević, Project PR)



In the beautiful surroundings of Gornja Lastva, the best preserved townscape of the peninsula Vrmac,  will be held music and art program, entitled "Art at the sunset", on wednesday, August 27th 2014, at 19:00 h. Additional information can be found here.


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