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The workshop was held in Dubrovnik on 27-30 November 2013 and it was realized through lectures and practical training. Teaching and practical workshops was led by Mrs. Martina Baučić, and this part of the workshops was planned for a certain number of representatives of project partners and collaborators, while the lectures of the workshop were open to the public. The workshop focused on presenting a model of different landscape analyses through selected software (by using different applications of the Geographic Informative System - GIS). The workshop was aimed at acquainting and training representatives of different institutions from Dubrovnik and Boka Kotorska region in applying new technologies for landscape analyses, which will contribute to a better decision-making in the cross-border region. The following lectures were held:

  • "GIS in geography" and "Visualization of Spatial Data in GIS - Prof. Alexander Toskić
  • "Fundamentals of GIS, geospatial data and technology" - Mr.sc Martina Baučić
  • "The importance of analysis of the landscape and the use of GIS tools in the implementation of landscape policies "- Mr.sc Vesna Koščak Miočić Stošić
  • "Landscape planning in Slovenia" - Assistant Professor Ales Mlakar
  • "The experience of using GIS in spatial planning" - Mr.sc. Gojko Berlengi

In the practical part of the workshop, participants were introduced to the basics of Geographic Information System (GIS) and its components and the types of geospatial data (vector, raster, tin) and how to model and classification. The practical part of the workshop was intended for 16 representatives of project partners and associates. It was pointed out that the workshop aimed to unambiguously determine the manner of conducting major studies of the "Heritage - driver of development", which is called "Analysis and evaluation of the natural and cultural landscape of the pilot area of Dubrovnik" to assist in the protection and management of the area, whose guidelines will be incorporated into spatial planning documents Dubrovnik-Neretva County and City of Dubrovnik.


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