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Following established of cross-border cooperation in the project "Heritage-driver of development," it is continued the realization of started , as well as the implementation of new project activities.

Generally, in the period from December 2013 until July of 2014. activities within the Participatory process are completed; it was organized a presentation of the EU and international standards and methodologies in the protection and management of natural and cultural heritage; work on studies of natural and cultural heritage started. Also, several activities planned through the campaign "Days of landscape", which aims to present value and potential of pilot areas' landscape to wider  public, are already realised.

Through the project line "Participatory process", led by experts, there were conducted extensive researches on public participation in the processes of care, planning and management of heritage and landscape of the pilot areas-Vrmac peninsula in Montenegro, as well as the wider area of Dubrovnik in Croatia. The results of reseaches have been presented at the Workshops on public participation in Tivat and Dubrovnik. During the presentations, the partners organized lectures by international experts in this field-Luc Emile Bouche Florin, Honorary President of the European Council of spacial planners and Xavier Sabate Rotes from the Catalan Landscape Opservatory.

Photo exhibitions "Dubrovnik Landscape" and "Boka Landscapes thought the  eyes of citizens", organized after the workshops, are representing a kind of bridge between the two project lines-mentioned Participatory process- mostly because of the way how citizens see the landscape of the pilot project area, and the campaign "Landscape days", which began with these exhibitions.

"Landscape Days" continued with the three-day workshop on the art of building stone walls, organized in Gornja Lastva from 17-19th June 2014. Under the guidance of experts, Borut Juvanec, Doctor of vernacular architecture from Ljubljana and Filip Bubalo from Dragodid association Vis, after presentations and lectures on drywall architecture, during two days 15 participants were working on reconstruction of several stonewalls in the village and learning the basics of stonewall building techniques.

Ongoing studies of cultural and natural heritage are tailored to the pilot areas specifities. In Dubrovnik the focus is on cultural heritage, while Vrmac studies are primarily deducated to natural heritage. The results of those studies will serve as inputs for Studies of the landscape, as well as Studies of the economic potentials of the areas.

During the summer months, the campaign „Landscape Days" continues with different events- concerts, exibitions, gastro shows, all with the same propose- to show values and potentials of pilot areas' landscapes.


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