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Project Title: „Heritage – Driver of Development”

Project Title: Heritage - Driver of Development" 

The HR Applicant: Physical Planning Institute of Dubrovnik-Neretva County
Partner 1: Regional Development Agency, DUNEA, Croatia;
Partner 2:
Public Institution for the Management of Protected Natural Values in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Croatia
The amount of EU grant: 219.499,82 €

Name of applicant CG: Municipality of Tivat
Partner 1: Expeditio, Montenegro;
Partner 2: NAPREDAK Gornja Lastva, Montenegro;
The amount of EU grant: 248.945,05 €

Total value of the project: 468.444,87 €

PROJECT WEB SITE: http://www.bastina.eu/


"Music on the night of the full moon" is the name of the concert held near the fort on Vrmac within the campaign "Landscape days". The campaign is a part of the project "Heritage - Driver of Development", implemented within Cross-border programme Croatia-Montenegro, under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA).

The ambience of the plateau, which offers views of the peaks of mountain Lovćen on one side and Tivat Bay and Lustica on the other side, the works of classical composers were performed by the string quartet- Vedrana Rašović, Tanja Bogdanović, Mirjana Jovanović and Maja Antić.

For an unforgettable experience under the open sky, as the string quartet, it is also "responsable" the audience, which numbered more than 250 people. For such a large turnout at the concert of classical music under the open sky is credited primarily the Mountain-climbing club „Squirrel" from Kotor. Within this occasion organized hiking tours "Vrmac by night", from Kotor to Vrmac had come 99 people. Part of the audience came by organized transportation from Tivat, and the others in their own arrangement.

And everyone agree- Vrmac is a great stage for such programs. That is one of the goals of the campaign „Landscape days" - to bring as many people into the space of Vrmac and show in what ways its natural and cultural heritage could be used as economic potentials without being destroyed by unplanned overexpanded construction as the most popular model of development. "When they want to talk about development and to fascinate us, they are telling about the five, six or seven stars hotels. Tonight we have all stars and the beautiful Moon on our side. I believe that will contribute to enjoy a concert," - said Marija Nikolić from NGO Progress Gornja Lastva, welcoming the audience in the name of Montenegrin partners on the project- the Municipality of Tivat, NGO Expeditio Kotor and NGO Progress Gornja Lastva.

One of the members of the quartet who starred, Maja Antic, played also as part of the trio in concert "Music at dawn", held as a part of the same campaign on July 26th in Gornja Lastva. Playing in the ambient of Vrmac was a wonderful experience for her and she believes it should be considered as a perfect stage for future classic concerts.

The concert "Music in the night of the full moon" attended also the Artistic Director of the European Piano Program, Director of the Festival Chopin in Nohant (France) and the professor of piano at the Paris Conservatory, Mr. Adam Wibrowski. Finding the plateau beside the Fort of Vrmac as an excellent open-air stage, he mentioned that organizing classical music concert in nature is not so offen wirldwide, and that in Europe there are only few programs of such type being organized regularly.  Asking about the project „Heritage", professor Wibrowski was mainly interested in cross-border cooperation between partners in organizing similar programs, and the ability to use space of Vrmac for these purposes in the future.

In organization of NGO Progress, just a few days after the concert at Vrmac, in Gornja Lastva performed the classic Trio of harmonics. The concert was held within the program "Evening at the mill," which included also the photo-exhibition "Tivat from above" by Anton Marković.

The campaign "Landscape days" continues on August 27th  with Marina Knežević exhibition "Third Day". The exibition includes her oil paintings with specific representations of Vrmac as a living organism under recognizable surface. The same night, in Gornja Lastva is playing the string orchestra MNE Muse, founded by Mrs. Tomoko Sagawa, member of German diplomatic core in Montenegro.

Within the „Landscape Days", it is also planned to organize the culinary event in Gornja Lastva during the fall. The goal of this program will be to draw attention to Vrmac potentials by the flavors that hides this unique  landscape, part of which is under UNESCO protection as a World Heritage Site. (Antonela Stjepčević, MNE Project PR)



Following established of cross-border cooperation in the project "Heritage-driver of development," it is continued the realization of started , as well as the implementation of new project activities.

Generally, in the period from December 2013 until July of 2014. activities within the Participatory process are completed; it was organized a presentation of the EU and international standards and methodologies in the protection and management of natural and cultural heritage; work on studies of natural and cultural heritage started. Also, several activities planned through the campaign "Days of landscape", which aims to present value and potential of pilot areas' landscape to wider  public, are already realised.

Through the project line "Participatory process", led by experts, there were conducted extensive researches on public participation in the processes of care, planning and management of heritage and landscape of the pilot areas-Vrmac peninsula in Montenegro, as well as the wider area of Dubrovnik in Croatia. The results of reseaches have been presented at the Workshops on public participation in Tivat and Dubrovnik. During the presentations, the partners organized lectures by international experts in this field-Luc Emile Bouche Florin, Honorary President of the European Council of spacial planners and Xavier Sabate Rotes from the Catalan Landscape Opservatory.

Photo exhibitions "Dubrovnik Landscape" and "Boka Landscapes thought the  eyes of citizens", organized after the workshops, are representing a kind of bridge between the two project lines-mentioned Participatory process- mostly because of the way how citizens see the landscape of the pilot project area, and the campaign "Landscape days", which began with these exhibitions.

"Landscape Days" continued with the three-day workshop on the art of building stone walls, organized in Gornja Lastva from 17-19th June 2014. Under the guidance of experts, Borut Juvanec, Doctor of vernacular architecture from Ljubljana and Filip Bubalo from Dragodid association Vis, after presentations and lectures on drywall architecture, during two days 15 participants were working on reconstruction of several stonewalls in the village and learning the basics of stonewall building techniques.

Ongoing studies of cultural and natural heritage are tailored to the pilot areas specifities. In Dubrovnik the focus is on cultural heritage, while Vrmac studies are primarily deducated to natural heritage. The results of those studies will serve as inputs for Studies of the landscape, as well as Studies of the economic potentials of the areas.

During the summer months, the campaign „Landscape Days" continues with different events- concerts, exibitions, gastro shows, all with the same propose- to show values and potentials of pilot areas' landscapes.



Second meeting of the Working group for participative process was held on 13 December 2013 in Tivat. The meeting was attended by 12 members of the Working group for the Participatory process: partner representatives from Dubrovnik, an expert from Zagreb, partner representatives from Tivat and representatives of partners and associates from Kotor. Sociologist Miomirka Lucic stated that in Montenegro so far 305 surveys/questionnaires, 27 interviews and preparations for the organization of five focus groups have been conducted. Sociologist Anka Misetic stated that in Croatia so far 267 surveys/questionnaires have been conducted while interviews will be conducted at the beginning of 2014 and focus groups will be held in early March of 2014. The participants discussed the workshop with the topic participatory process, which was planned to be held in late April 2014. Some of the topics proposed for the workshop are:

  • increasing the interest in participation
  • creative channels inclusion
  • increasing the participation of decision makers/politicians in participatory processes


The workshop was held in Dubrovnik on 27-30 November 2013 and it was realized through lectures and practical training. Teaching and practical workshops was led by Mrs. Martina Baučić, and this part of the workshops was planned for a certain number of representatives of project partners and collaborators, while the lectures of the workshop were open to the public. The workshop focused on presenting a model of different landscape analyses through selected software (by using different applications of the Geographic Informative System - GIS). The workshop was aimed at acquainting and training representatives of different institutions from Dubrovnik and Boka Kotorska region in applying new technologies for landscape analyses, which will contribute to a better decision-making in the cross-border region. The following lectures were held:

  • "GIS in geography" and "Visualization of Spatial Data in GIS - Prof. Alexander Toskić
  • "Fundamentals of GIS, geospatial data and technology" - Mr.sc Martina Baučić
  • "The importance of analysis of the landscape and the use of GIS tools in the implementation of landscape policies "- Mr.sc Vesna Koščak Miočić Stošić
  • "Landscape planning in Slovenia" - Assistant Professor Ales Mlakar
  • "The experience of using GIS in spatial planning" - Mr.sc. Gojko Berlengi

In the practical part of the workshop, participants were introduced to the basics of Geographic Information System (GIS) and its components and the types of geospatial data (vector, raster, tin) and how to model and classification. The practical part of the workshop was intended for 16 representatives of project partners and associates. It was pointed out that the workshop aimed to unambiguously determine the manner of conducting major studies of the "Heritage - driver of development", which is called "Analysis and evaluation of the natural and cultural landscape of the pilot area of Dubrovnik" to assist in the protection and management of the area, whose guidelines will be incorporated into spatial planning documents Dubrovnik-Neretva County and City of Dubrovnik.



Third Steering Committee meeting was held in the premises of Municipality of Tivat on 25 November 2013. The meeting was attended by partners from Montenegro and Croatia. The following topics were discussed:

  • Activities realized between the two meetings of Steering Committee (July-November 2013)
  • Current activities: Comparative analysis of legislative framework and Participatory process
  • Plan of activities for 2014, focusing on the period untill the next meeting of Steering Committee (February 2014)
  • Studies: Natural values, Cultural heritage, Cultural landscape
  • Study of economic valorization
  • Manifestation "Landscape Days" - discussing the concept

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