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Criteria for projects acceptance

NOTE: Please find some of the articles of IPA implementing regulations regarding criteria for projects acceptance within the component II (cross border corporation). We are pointing out that these are general criteria which can be changed in the particular Call for proposals.
Detailed criteria referred to the particular Call for proposals you can find on this site under “Criteria” in “Call for proposals” only after public announcement of the first Call for proposals.

Article 90
Aid intensities and rate of Community contribution

1. For the purposes of this component, the eligible expenditure as referred to in Article 38(1) shall be based either on the public expenditure or on the total expenditure, as agreed by the participating countries and laid down in the cross-border programme.

2. The Community contribution for cross-border programmes at the level of priority axis shall not exceed the ceiling of 85 % of the eligible expenditure.

3. The Community contribution for each priority axis shall not be less than 20 % of the eligible expenditure.

4. No operation shall benefit from a higher co-financing rate than the one relating to the priority axis concerned.

5. During the period of eligibility referred to in paragraph 1 of Article 89, in addition to the provisions of Article 34(4):

(a) an operation may receive Community assistance under only one cross-border programme at a time;

(b) an operation shall not receive assistance to a value greater than the total allocated public expenditure.

6. For State aid to enterprises in the meaning of Article 87 of the Treaty, public aid granted under cross-border programmes shall observe the ceilings on State aid.

Article 95
Selection of operations

1. Cross-border programmes shall finance joint operations which have been jointly selected by the participating countries through a single call for proposals covering the whole eligible area.

Participating countries may also identify joint operations outside calls for proposals. In that event, the joint operation shall be specifically mentioned in the cross-border programme or, if it is coherent with the priority or measures of the cross-border programme, shall be identified any time after the adoption of the programme in a decision taken by the joint monitoring committee referred to in Article 110 or in Article 142.

2. Operations selected for cross-border programmes shall include final beneficiaries from at least two participating countries which shall cooperate in at least one of the following ways for each operation: joint development, joint implementation, joint staffing and joint financing.

3. For cross-border programmes concerning cooperation referred to under Article 86(1)(a), operations selected shall include beneficiaries for at least one of the participating Member States and one of the participating beneficiary countries.

4. The selected operations fulfilling the above-mentioned conditions may be implemented in a single country provided that they deliver a clear cross-border benefit.

5. Each programme shall establish eligibility rules for the selection of operations which prevent a duplication of efforts among different cross-border programmes, being under the IPA or other Community instruments.

Article 97

Special conditions governing the location of operations

1. In duly justified cases, Community funding may finance expenditure incurred in implementing operations or parts of operations up to a limit of 20 % of the amount of the Community contribution to the cross-border programme in NUTS level 3 regions or, in the absence of NUTS classification, equivalent areas, adjacent to the eligible areas for that programme. In exceptional cases as agreed between the Commission and the participating countries, this flexibility may be extended to the NUTS level 2 regions or, in the absence of NUTS classification, equivalent areas in which the eligible areas are located. At project level, in exceptional cases, expenditure incurred by partners located outside the programme area as defined in the first sub-paragraph may be eligible, if the project could only achieve its objectives with that partner's participation.

2. The participating countries of each programme shall ensure the legality and regularity of these expenditures. The selection of operations outside the eligible area as referred to under paragraph 1 shall be confirmed:

(a) by the managing authority referred to in Article 102 for programmes or part of programmes implemented in shared management with Member States;

(b) by the operating structures referred to in Article 28 for programmes or part of programmes implemented in beneficiary countries under decentralised management;

(c) by the Commission for programmes or part of programmes implemented in beneficiary countries under centralised management.

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