The Round table in Dubrovnik

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The introductory speech was given by the Head of the Maritime Department Željko Kurtela, Phd, and followed by a speech given by Mrs Vinka Jurić, HHI director's assistant, who made a short reference on the project and current achievements.

Two guest speakers were invited to the round table:

  1. Mr Mato Franković, director of ACI Marina Dubrovnik: „Cross border co-operation of ACI Marina Dubrovnik and Montenegrin marinas and current situation in nautical tourism"
  2. Mr Srđan Elaković, director of Aurora Maris: „Dubrovnik in nautical tourism in the Mediterranean and the narrow region"


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After these two presentations a discussion was opened on numerous subjects: current situation in nautical tourism, regulations concerning nautical tourism, issues with respect to border crossing procedures, berths required for mega yachts, the problem of large distances between the existing marinas in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, the necessity for building marinas in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, the problem of shore devastation, requirements with respect to facilities in marinas and services offered, as well as the issue of illegal charters.

After the discussion the conclusion was reached that all the mentioned issues should be handled with special care, and this project is to contribute as much as possible in solving the problems.

All useful data for boaters will be compiled in the tourist guide for boaters on small and medium size yachts and sailboats and the guide for mega yachts, which will be made available on the website that is currently being built, and will contain:

  • an overview of the region: history, culture, tradition and nature,
  • photographs of attractive and typical locations and spots (landscape, architecture, people, traditional environment),
  • regional information map with key locations,
  • a chapter for each tourist port and marina with photographs, plans, nautical information (number of berths, services offered, garbage disposal, etc.), general service information (health care, transportation, telecommunications, banks and other financial services etc.),
  • maps and detailed descriptions of cross border routes,
  • maritime safety information (harbour master's offices, cross border regimes, national legislation concerning maritime safety, search and rescue services etc.), list of available maps and nautical publications as well as institutions offering same (pilots, list of lights, tide tables, etc.)

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