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Open up a borders

Project title: Open up a borders for adventure and new travel opportunities

HR Applicant's name: Association MI, Split

Partner 1: Association DRVO Mladih Bonsai, Dubrovnik

Partner 2: Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA), Zagreb

The amount of EU grant for HR beneficiaries: 112.873,48 EUR €

MNE Applicant's name: Association for Democratic Prosperity – Zid, Podgorica

Partner 1: Municipality Herceg Novi

The amount of EU grant for MNE beneficiaries: 136.838,42 EUR

Total project value: 294.966,90 EUR

The first modular training "Volunteer tourism - innovation in the community

The first modular training for representatives of the public, private and civil sector within the "Open up a borders for adventure and new travel opportunities", was held in Dubrovnik from 22 to 24 February 2017. Topics of the first training were volunteer management and social entrepreneurship. This is the first of two three-day trainings which will be conducted during the project.
The objectives of this training is to develop / enhance existing abilities, skills, knowledge and attitudes of representatives of volunteer organizers to develop and / or enhance volunteer tourism programs in their organizations and improve knowledge on the model of social entrepreneurship, forms of responsibility as well as the possibilities that such a model provides in the development of tourism products .
The training was attended by 40 representatives of non-profit, profit and public sectors in the field of Dubrovnik-Neretva and Split -Dalmatia couniesy and coast of Montenegro and Cetinje.

Second networking workshop was held in Montenegro

The second networking workshop for representatives of the public, private and civil sector within of the project was held on 27 and 28 October 2016 in Montenegro.
The two-day workshop was attended by 15 representatives of the private sector and 12 representatives of civil society. Through interactive lectures, participants were presented topics Role of Civil Society in voluntarism programs, Social Entrepreneurship-three aspects: environment, ambience and sustainable business. Also, guidelines for the development of social entrepreneurial initiatives for-profit, public and non-profit sectors were provided and presented a model of corporate volunteering employees as a form of corporate social responsibility of companies as well as topics Volunteering as a product of experience in new agetourism and Development of destination and cross-sector cooperation.
OBANTO Networking workshop

The workshop of networking for representatives of public, private and non-profit sector was held

First The workshop of networking of stakeholders within the project was held in Dubrovnik on 30 September 2016.
Representatives of travel agencies, public institutions engaged in tourism and the economy, and members of non-profit organizations participated in the one-day workshop to present the project and concept of Volontourism as a form of new touristic offer in the cross-border region as well as offshore exploration of Montenegro and Cetinje and in the area of Dubrovnik-Neretva County.
Guest lecturers, expert Irena Ateljević presented to participants "Transformative tourism and global paradigm turning point towards conscious consumers." Experts for the development of Volunteerism and Community Development Lejla Šehić Relić and Jelena Kamenko presented the topic "Volonturizam - social contact of tourists and participation in corporate social responsibility programs of the local community."
The next networking workshop will be held in Herceg Novi in Montenegro at the end of October and there will be a greater emphasis on product development and the need to develop inter-sectoral cooperation in the creation of touristic programmes in the region.
Through the project various activities were planned, for the promotion of volontourism, linking stakeholders from different sectors and strengthening for the development of new applications based on social entrepreneurship.

OBANTO workshop DU

The common set of documents was defined

The first meeting of the project partners was held on 17. June 2016 in Dubrovnik.
During the meeting, the partners adopted the common set of documents who are going toserve for comprehensive monitoring of project activities and facilitate the reporting. The activities that will take place in the next period weere sgreed and partaners referred to the innovative component of this project.
The basic idea is to improve the offer directed to the specific interests of tourists through joint projects adventure and new travel opportunities.
Adventure and new travel opportunities, as innovation in the community, aimed at tourists interested in an active vacation and meeting destinations via direct social contact and participation in socially responsible programs.

OBANTO first partner meeting

The beneficiaries defined the project logo

The beneficiaries of the project "Open up a borders for adventure and new travel opportunities" published the project logo.
Overall objective is to contribute to the promotion of CRO-MNE touristic potentials as integral touristic destination improving the environment for the launch of new tourism products based on sustainable development of the Programme area and improve social connections in cross-border area.

OBANTO logoOBANTO partners

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