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Project Title: "SUD SIT“

Project Title: " Sustainable development of Special interest tourism - SUD SIT"

The HR Applicant: Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA)
Partner 1: Agroturizam Association Konavle
Partner 2: Regional Development Agency of the Dubrovnik- Neretva County - DUNEA
The amount of EU grant: 119.037,27 €

Name of applicant MNE: Municipality of Tivat
Partner 1: Tourist Organization of Tivat
Partner 2: Public community for communalities Tivat
The amount of EU grant: 174.560,05 €

Total value of the project: 351.847,01 €




SUD SIT project was successfully implemented

The project ''Sustainable development of Special interest tourism (SUD SIT)'' lasted for two years, began on 16 September 2013 and was completed on 15 September 2015. During this period, all planned project activities were implemented. Project was implemented by grant beneficiaries Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA) (with partners in Croatia - Association of Agrotourism Konavle and Regional Development Agency of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County - DUNEA) and Municipality of Tivat (with partners in Montenegro - Tourist Organization of Tivat and Public community for communalities Tivat). Financial data: The total project value is € 351.847,01, of which the amount of grant of the European Union is € 293.597.32. The total value of the project in Montenegro is € 209.560,05, of which the amount of grant of the European Union is € 174.560,05. The total value of the project in Croatia is € 142.286,96, of which the amount of grant of the European Union is € 119.037,27. At the beginning of the project implementation the Assessment of potential for development special interest tourism in cross-border region was drafted. The assessment of potential is the result of research, interviews and work of the author in the focus groups, with a view of making recommendations for the development of tourism of special interests, then the identification of potential sites for tourism infrastructure and modes of evaluation of tourism products. Over one hundred kilometres of bike paths in Konavle was improved or re-arranged, adequately marked with over 100 signposts, mapped and adjusted for GPS tracking devices. The former narrow-gauge railway was adapted for the purpose of hiking and cycling which increased the attractiveness of the route. The number of group and individual consultations for tourism of special interest that introduced the European standards of sustainability in tourist sector (“Travelife standards”) were held during the project with the aim to introduce these standards in the newly developed joint tourism offer. In total 20 new cross-border routes and itineraries of special interest tourism were developed within the project as products of these consultations. The study trip to Istria was attended by 44 representatives of travel agencies, local service providers in tourism and representatives of relevant institutions from Montenegro and Croatia for the purpose of experiencing the best practice in the field. Numerous trainings and consultations were held during the implementation of the project, with an emphasis on 6 specialized trainings of tourism of special interests in Konavle and Tivat, which were attended by more than 300 tourism professionals. In addition, the feasibility study and technical design for improvement of bike infrastructure in rural areas in Tivat were developed and the bicycles and electrical bicycles for the development of cycling tourism in the project area were procured. Promotional materials were prepared and foreign tour operators visited the project area (6 representatives of EU tour operators interested in development of new products for special interest tourism and establishing cooperation with local entrepreneurs). Cycling and multiactivity races as promotional project events were successfully organized in Konavle and Tivat. The “Cross-Border Tourism, Croatia-Montenegro (http://www.crossbordertourism.com/)” website was developed in order to serve for the promotion of special interest tourism in CB area of Croatia and Montenegro by presenting the new image of a destination attractive in all seasons. The website is designed for business sector (tour operator, travel companies, tourism service providers), tourist (group and individual), local stakeholders (tourism organizations, CSOs). The project has contributed to expansion and better use of diverse sustainable special interest tourist offers through joint actions on the cross border territories of municipalities of Tivat and Konavle. Also, the project has developed the new products for tourism of special interests and expanded tourist offer in the cross border area. It has also contributed to increasing the number of tourists during off-season, tourism revenues and improving the living standards of the residents. Furthermore, all project participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with current trends, gain the knowledge on the tourists’ requirements and learn about new marketing tools.


Final project conference held in Konavle

Association of Agritourism Konavle and project partners presented the successful results of a two-year project at the press conference which was held at "Seoska kuća Čilipi" agritourism. Project will finish on 15 September 2015.

Before press conference the culinary workshop had held, under the guidance of chef Božo Lučić. Fifteen representatives of travel agencies, agrotourism, private renters and other stakeholders cooked Konavle delicacies, all from local groceriess of agritourism „Seoska kuća“b_130_95_16777215_00_images_SUDSITfc1.jpgb_130_95_16777215_00_images_SUDSITfc2.jpgb_130_95_16777215_00_images_SUDSITfc3.jpg


These activities valorised the cycling potential of the rural part of Konavle as one of the most valuable locations in Dubrovnik Neretva County. This area of Konavle hinterland is highly undeveloped and by including existing rural paths and village roads in cycling offer local service providers will be included in tourism offer which will contribute to the economic development of the area and preservation of village population in rural areas.

This activity included minor repairs of existing rural roads and paths in order to be suitable for cycling and marking and setting up the signs and boards. In total, 100 km of existing roads has been cleaned, minor repairs of the roads done and suitable places prepared for setting up the signs.This activity cleared a path on a section of the track that was damaged and the route is completely cleaned. Tourist signalisation from „Vojski do“ to „Karasovići“ (total 30 km) with 100 small and 10 info tables is also done. New cycling and hiking trail called Ćiro was arranged and presented through this activities.

The most difficult segment of the work was the part of the track which was mined, causing rocks to fall on the track below, bearing in mind that it is close to the rotating tunnel. Construction was done with engineering supervision and it in an optimal and acceptable way. Large info tables have been set up on former railway stations in Vojski Do, Mihanići, Zvekovica, Čilipi, Komaji and Pločice, in center of villages Zvekovica, Čilipi and Gruda and on the route of hiking path for Sniježnica. Small info tables are set up along the whole route from „Vojski Do“ to „Pločice“ and special attention was dedicated to safety and guidance where the track crosses over local roads.


High quality professional photographs and video materials have been collected in order to promote joint special interest tourism programmes and provided free of charge to travel agencies, tour operators, local tourism providers, civil society organization, local authorities and all other interested parties.

The photographs and videos include various attractions in Dubrovnik-Neretva County and the Municipality of Tivat, with the videos also incorporating brief interviews with tourists found on the scene. There are thousand photographs in high resolution for print in large formats (min. 300 dpi). Main themes for the photographs are Cycling, Hiking and Trekking, Nature, Gourmet, Nautical and Culture tourism. There are both horizontal and vertical versions of the photographs as well as panoramic shots. Target groups can use photographs for development of the promotional materials, etc. There are also short dynamic videos (in total 90 minutes) with statements of interviewed tourists in cross border area in the English language.

The multimedia database of promotional photographs and videos is open for access at the “Cross-Border Tourism, Croatia-Montenegro” website and the videos are also accessible from the project’s YouTube Channel. The photos and videos will included on the promotional DVDs and have also been used in the creation of info tables, visibility panels, brochures and other promotional materials for the project.

The database was developed in order to promote special interest tourism in the cross-border area of Croatia and Montenegro by presenting the new image of a destination which is attractive in all seasons. The website has been referenced on popular and specific search engines and linked to existing project partner websites.



International multiactivity SUD SIT race has been realized within festival „Springtime in Konavle” on Saturday, 16th May 2015. Forty participants from Croatia, Montenegro and United States of America competed in two-person teams within 25 kilometers route. The multyactivity race consisted several competition components: pedaling on kayak around town of Cavtat, running on new cleaned and marked bike&hike path „Ćiro“, descending with rope down 30-meter-high rock of Sniježnica mountain and riding a bicycles. Finish line was in adventure park Cadmos Village in Komaji.

Luka Čupić and Dragan Jovanović from Triatlon club Herceg Novi (time: 02:05 hours) won gold medal in male competition, Marina Maslek and Ivona Žitković from HPD Sniježnica in female competition as well as Jadran Kapović (Adventure club Osmica) and Marija Kapović in mixed category. Medals and awards were presented by Luka Anđelinić, Secretary of Association „Agritourism of Konavle“, Zoran Ateljević, Director of the travel agency „Terra mare“ and Goran Jerković, Head of Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (CMRS) – Dubrovnik. Entertaining programme was hosted by Ivica Puljić, journalist, who announced start of the race. Before the start, participants received starting numbers and maps. Zoran Ateljević briefed participants on all stages of the route, security measures and resting place where members of CMRS – Dubrovnik insued to participants fruit and water. Also, participants received SUD SIT T-shirts on behalf of project partners by Mrs Zorica Gverović, Coordinator of the SUD SIT project from Municipality of Tivat.

As above mentioned, the part of the multiactivity race route was bike&hike path „Ćiro“, arranged, cleaned and marked within SUD SIT project. Moreover, 30 bicycles have been bought within the project was used for the race.

Also, Hrvoje Jurić, travel blogger and writer, attended the race and he finished his charity-cycling project „Zajedno možemo“ in which he traveled Croatia from Ilok till Dubrovnik on bicycle.


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