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Project title: Towards sustainable use of water resources

HR Applicant's name: Metković d.o.o. za vodoopskrbu i odvodnju otpadnih voda

The amount of EU grant for HR beneficiary: 198.545,75€

MNE Applicant's name: d.o.o. Vodovod i kanalizacija Budva

The amount of EU grant for MNE beneficiary: 188.828,98€

Total project value: 479.490,13€

Workshops in primary schools held in Budva

In June 2016, workshops were held in two primary schools in the municipality of Budva on the topic of protection of water resources and environmental protection.
Two workshops were held on 02 June 2016 in the second and third class in elementary school "Mirko Srzentić" in Petrovac, attended by 43 children. In primary school "Stefan Mitrov Ljubisa" is 06.06.2016.godine held 4 workshops for 122 pupils of the second class. The workshop was lecturing by professor Marija Jovicevic, employed in elementary school "Dr Dragiša Ivanović" in Podgorica, which prepared a presentation on the protection of drinking water and the environment, as well as evaluation sheets about educating children on this topic before and after the workshop.
The workshop was practically continued by engineer Marijana Stanisic, employed at Water company Budva which children showed some of the instruments and the principle of control of drinking water in the Water company Budva. During the workshop children were able to try themselves test water from the tap in their classroom with instruments. After completing the workshop, children got coloring books (educational material) and t-shirts (promotional material) and snacks for refreshment. Technical support for the organization of the workshop provided by Violeta Srzentić, project coordinator.

TSUWR worswhop BD1TSUWR worswhop BD2



Procurement of the leak detection equipment

Equipment for detection of losses was procured and deliverd during June 2016 – correlator Correlux C-3. Team for loss detection use this device to detect precise locations of the malfunctions in the field.

TSUWR corelator2TSUWR corelator3

Procurement of computers and other necessary equipments and software for remote monitoring and control system (SCADA)

In order to efficiently monitoring the distribution of water in the water supply system of Budva it was procured and installed equipment (desktop computer-server for SCADA software, two new PLC Control cabinet, eight GSM/GPRS modem for communication, four hydrostatic level probes) during the April 2016 and upgraded existing software for remote monitoring and control (SCADA). The software is installed on a new computer in the command control center to monitor the functioning of the three remote pumping stations and level of the water in four tanks in water supply system of Budva.
The aim of the installation of the supervisory control system is continuously monitoring system, water consumption and reduce losses in the water supply system Budva.

TSUWR equipment 1TSUWR equipment 2TSUWR equipment 3

“Vodovod i kanalizacija Budva” procured the vehicle Renault Kangoo within the project

Doo "Vodovod i kanalizacija" Budva has purchased mini van Renault Kangoo dCi 110 Lux Energy for the project activities. The vehicle delivered by the end of March 2016. This vehicle is needed for water company “Vodovod i kanalizacija” Budva to execute all planned project activities such as: set up of measurement equipment at ten locations in defined zones, installation of system for remote monitoring and control (SCADA) at six remote location, detect precise locations of the malfunctions and repair on water supply network. The vehicle is used exclusively for the realisation of project and after it’s termination for activities related to it’s sustainability.

TSUWR vehicle

Both water supply system companies established system for remote monitoring and control of water losses

“Vodovod i kanalizacija” Budva and „Metković d.o.o. za vodoopskrbu i odvodnju otpadnih voda“ procured computer equipment and software  system for remote monitoring and control, as a unique system to enable efficient monitoring of the water distribution in defined zones through continual flow of precise data on quantities of water entering and exiting the zones. This system from both sides of the border covers several zones (monitoring spots) and connect them in one. It consists of one desktop computer-server with monitoring and control software SCADA and other equipment.

The use of computer and software will be needful in tasks during the process of monitoring the efficiency of water supply system and is necessary in order to draw diagrams, structures and schematics which will ensure efficient manage of the system. It will also determine the source of a malfunction in an existing pipeline system. "Remote leak detector" will help to locate the broken part in water supplying network and reduces the losses.

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