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Project Title: „Wine Tourist Network – WiNe“

Project Title: „Wine Tourist Network - WiNe"

Name of the HR Applicant: Regional Development Agency DUNEA
Partner 1: Dubrovnik Neretva County
Partner 2: Dubrovnik Neretva County Union of wine producers

The amount of EU grant: 248.118,37 €

Name of applicant MNE: Tourism Organization of Municipality of Cetinje
Partner 1: The Old Royal Capital Cetinje
Partner 2: National Union of vine growers and wine producers of Montenegro
The amount of EU grant: 225.761,89 €

Total value of the project: 473.880,26

PROJECT WEBSITE: http://www.wine-cbc.eu/

PROJECT VIDEO CLIP: Tales from the Wine Areas




The project '' Wine Tourist Network - Wine '' lasted two years and ended on 28 February 2015. During this period all project activities was realized, which as the leading partners was implementing Regional Development Agency Dubrovnik-Neretva County DUNEA and Tourism Organization Cetinje.

Organization of the ragional wine festival Dubrovnik FestiWine  (April 2014) and adaptation of the Wine House in Cetinje are emphasize as the most important project ¢s activities. The Festival brought more than 60 winemakers from Dubrovnik-Neretva County and Montenegro, and it is presented almost 200 wines. Visitors were population  from project¢s area and numerous tourists.

Wine House have signed an agreement on commission sale of wines with 22 winemakers, with over 40 labels/wines from different areas of Montenegro, as a sub-region of Cetinje, sub-region of Bar, sub-region of Podgorica, sub-region of Danilovgrad, almost from entire country.

Thematic wine routes were formed and in the area of ​​Cetinje and 27 wineries was marked with signposts, as well as four large info tables at the four entrances to the city - from the directions of Budva, Podgorica, Njeguši and Lovćen, and on them is winery map from project¢s area.

Thematic tourist road Neretva was formed in Dubrovnik-Neretva County  and 61 members of the Road/wineries was marked with the brown tourist signsposts and placed two large information tables. This road at one point gathered tourist offer of the  rural area and including wineries and winemakers from  Montenegro constitutes common thematic tourist route.

The tourist offer both regions was compiled in a joint publication, in which was presented winemakers and other tourist offer in the region, as well as a common map for easy orientation in area.

A number of workshops, lectures and symposiums werw held within the project, including a three-day courses for sommeliers, which have been interested interest for caterers. The  60 participants have passed the first level of the course for sommeliers, and all of them expressed great satisfaction because they received new knowledge in business, as well as raising the level of quality of service.

Museum of winemaking in Pelješac was renovated and construction works of preparation of internal space  was partially carried out, and thus tourist wine offer for upcoming tourist season was improved.

Implemented activities have contributed to raising awareness of the importance of wine as an indigenous product of these areas, as well as its role in tourism offer. A  number of visits of Wine House in Cetinje have been presenting a importance of  further sustainability of these activities, as well as the fact that Dubrovnik-Neretva Countydecided to re-organize Dubrovnik FestiWine, which is going  to become a significant tourism event in the tourist preseason.


Regional Development Agency DUNEA organized three-day course for sommeliers, as part of the EU project Wine, in January in Dubrovnik. The course was intended for employees in the hotel industry in Dubrovnik-Neretva County, who work on serving wine.

This is the second cycle of education for sommeliers as part of the project Wine and DUNEA through the project covered the costs for a total of 50 participants. This activity aims to raise to a higher level of expertise of the staff working with serving wine, in the purpose better valorisation of wine, as indigenous product of this region.

Lecturers from the Croatian Sommelier Club familiarized participants with the basics of sommeliers, but also lessons from viticulture, enology and wine production, the composition of grapes, must and wine, tasting techniques, systems of evaluation of wine, and it is planned to visit the wine cellar. After training, the participants are going to take the exam and get a certificate of completion of the course of the first level.


The first working meeting of all members of the Thematic  tourist road Neretva was held on 12 December 2014. in Opuzen. The road was  formed as a part of the EU project Wine, and it is the second tourist road in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

The Thematic  tourist road Neretva is going to have 61 members; seven members in the category of rural accommodation,eleven  excursion sites, five ambient restaurants, nine  restaurants with traditional dishes , for wineries, one tasting figs, for souvenirs offers, ten heritage sites, six traditional events and for more offers (cycling, walking paths ...).

It was decided to carry the name of '' Neretva - valley of life ''. It was created trademark and elected 11 members of the managing authority. Next activity will be  finishing logos, marking roads with info tables and with brown signalization and drafting web pages and info brochures. The first meeting of the managing authority was held on 29 January 2015.


At the constituent meeting of the Council for the development of viticulture and winemaking in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, where, apart Prefect Nikola Dobroslavić, director DUNEA MelanijaMilic and Head of the Department of Rural Development Helena Kangjera attended winemakers from all over the county, presented the results of a cross-border IPA project Wine , including a wine festival FestiWine and activities on setting up a wine museum. Discussing the results of the first regional wine festival Dubrovnik FestiWinea it was concluded that this was a great idea that would, with certain corrections, should develop further and announced the date of the festival for next year - 24th and 25th April 2015. Members of the Council welcomed the idea of establishing a museum of winemaking in Putnikovići.


Winemakers from Dubrovnik-Neretva County and Montenegro participated in the two-day cross-border workshop within of the Wine project. The workshop was held in the Wine House in Cetinje, organized by project partners of Tourist Organization of Old Rojal Capital Cetinje.

The topics were '' Analysis of wine as a tourist product '' and the announcement of cross-border wine route Montenegro - Croatia. They also talked about the concept of wine tourism, the importance of the wine routes, the chronology of the development of wine trails, wine tourism experiences, the development of wine tourism, a multidisciplinary approach in designing routes, wine cellars involved in the wine route, other tourist and complementary services to be included in the wine route, the importance of mapping and signage and promotion of the wine route. Croatian partners on this occasion presented their experience in development of wine routes and rules that govern this issue and practical work. Winemakers expressed their views and problems faced.

At the same time there was also a partnership meeting representatives of DUNEA and TOP Cetinje and there agreed further activities in the implementation of the project Wine, with special emphasis on common printing brochures and signsposts for the future cross-border wine route.


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